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Natural stone pavers installed on the flooring of your homes is bound to give you an eye-soothing experience. The grains, veins and fissures in natural rocks create a rhythmic and engaging impact on every onlooker. Our natural stone pavers are carefully selected for its high-quality unique aesthetic properties. As one of the leading natural stone paving suppliers in the USA, we also ensure that we apply the latest quarrying processing and logistic technologies available. If you want the best-of-the-best for your home, our paving stone slabs will help you style your outdoor paving spaces. Please check out our “Premia Collection” & “Exotic Collection” and find the best natural stone paving suited to your needs Many projects in the paving industry demand natural stone slabs in various sizes and customized shapes. Our natural stone pavers offering comes in different sizes, thickness, shapes and edge details. Furthermore, we are aware of the versatile applications of natural stone patio pavers. Hence, we have products for all interior & exterior paving applications, gardens, driveways, swimming pools etc. Check out our amazing natural stone pavers collection and buy paving stones from World of Stones USA.

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Lanier sandstone is a hard-waring quartzitic sandstone, relatively consistent in both texture and color. Its neutral light green to brown color shades make it extremely versatile

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Autumn Brown

Autumn Brown is a hard-wearing quartzitic sandstone, It is relatively consistent in both texture and color. 

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Sunset Buff

Sunset Buff is a beautiful riven sandstone that comes in varying shades of buff, with occasional brown tones. These subtly graduated color shades ranging from beige to buff and light brown makes it ideally suited for use in a wide variety of modern garden designs.

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Castle Grey

Castle Grey sandstone is a beautiful natural stone with Riven finish. So, it gives a sophisticated and balanced look to any outdoor paving project. 

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Cloudy Black

Cloudy Black is predominantly black to dark grey colored sandstone with brownish-yellow mottling. This beautiful paving will bring style and sophistication to any outdoor space.

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Sierra Blue Sandstone is a beautiful Charcoal colored Sandstone. This superior quality paving has an aura of individuality and permanence.

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Imperial White

The Premia collection offers a broad range of high quality, natural sandstone products. This collection offers a wide range of rich colors, textures, finishes and edges to suit all of your landscape needs.

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Sedona Rustic

With its superb color and veining variations combined with Natural Fossils and Rustic bends, Sedona Rustic Sandstone is a stunning and beaufully distinctive paving solution.

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Ochre Yellow

Ochre Yellow is a warm cream-colored sandstone. It has subtle yellow and orange hues. Thus, it can add cozy warmth to any contemporary outdoor design scheme. 

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Desert Buff

Desert Buff is an exquisite sandstone paving with a very distinctive texture that gives each flagstone its own unmistakable character; some are almost smooth, while others have a unique riven profile. Desert Buff displays a varied color palette of warm cream, and buff and white tones.

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