When it comes to in-ground swimming pool coping, our natural stone pavers are an aesthetically pleasing option. Beyond adding a polished edge to the pool structure, the use of natural stones means it can effectively serve the primary purpose of hindering the flow of splashed out water back into the pool.

Sturdy and durable natural stones also seal off the pool shell along its edges. Thus, you have a decorative feature that will greatly enhance the visual appeal of your swimming pool. You can even create seamless matching with pool deck stones or highlight it by choosing contrasting hues.

Different Styles of Pool Coping with Our Natural Stone Inventory

Like many of our customers, you can choose to give your swimming pool the awesome look that it deserves by ordering natural stones for any of the different styles you desire:

  • Square edge pool coping natural stones
  • Rebate square edge pool coping natural stones
  • Internal bullnose edge pool coping natural stones

As custom orders we also offer :

  1. One-sided bullnose pool coping stones
  2. Two-sided bullnose pool coping stones
  3. Three-sided bullnose pool coping stones
  4. Four-sided bullnose pool coping stones
  5. Adjacent two-sided bullnose pool coping stones
  6. Pre-cut coping stones

Different Types of Edge Treatments we offer for Pool Coping Stones:

Beyond the purchase of swimming pool coping stones, we also offer different kinds of edge treatments to our clients. For instance,

Bullnose Natural Stone Swimming Pool Coping Pavers
Using the famous bullnose shape to finish the waterside of your swimming pool or the external-facing edge of the pool gives a smooth curved edge that you will love.

At the same time, it provides a safe & strong grip to swimmers in the pool while anchoring it. Our exhaustive collection of Natural Stones pool coping pavers offers a safe & sturdy option for you to pick from.

Cantilever-edge Natural Stone Pool Coping Pavers
If you desire a rounded corner edge that hangs slightly above the water of the swimming pool and appears like a rounded box, the cantilever-edge pool coping with our natural stone pavers is an ideal choice.

Drop Face Natural Stone Pool Coping Pavers
We prepare drop-face natural stone pool coping pavers, and extend the flat and hanging edge over the pool a little lover, thereby giving it a drop-face surface towards the waterside.

Flat-mount Natural Pool Coping Stones
Our simple, yet decent flat-mount pool coping with natural stones include an edge that has flat corners without hanging over the water of the swimming pool.

Wedge Natural Stone Swimming Pool Coping Pavers

You can opt for a sharp edge on the top wedge, using our natural stone swimming pool coping as a comprehensive solution.

Customized Natural Stone Swimming Pool Coping Pavers
Whether your swimming pool layout is rounded or curved, we offer custom made curved stone pool coping solutions at competitive price tags.

More importantly, using our services can ease & speed up your installation process, save your stonemasons from a lot of hurdles, and eventually result in a cost-effective installation.

One-piece Corner Natural Stone Pool Coping Pavers
You can also save your stonemasons the long and tedious process of cutting stones for corners by using our one-piece corner natural stone pool coping pavers, allowing for excellent designs on both internal or external corners.

Different Types of Natural Stones Used in the Creation of Pool Coping Stones:

While there are a variety of natural stones available at World of Stones, USA, the following kinds of natural stones are best suited for pool coping paving.

  • Sandstone in Suede (Shotblasted and brushed) finish.


Ultimate Benefits of Pool Coping with Natural Stone Pavers:

The main purpose of pool coping is to keep water that splashes out of the pool from going into deck drain or spreading on the deck surface. Other miscellaneous reasons are:

  • Prevent water penetration in the area behind the pool shell.
  • Protect debris of leaves and dirt, which usually flow with wind current entering the pool water.
  • Support automatic pool cover through mechanical devices.
  • Cut risks of slipping for swimmers by providing a non-slip surface at the edge.

Besides these,

  • Natural stone pool coping is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Natural paving stone pool coping is durable.
  • Natural stone pool coping is safe & secure for swimmers and others.
  • Natural paving stones pool coping is easy to maintain.
  • Natural stones for swimming pool coping are available in different styles and designs.
  • Natural paving stone pool coping helps in the retention of sidewalls of the pool.
  • Natural stone pool coping enhances property value.

World of Stones, USA provides swimming pool coping stones at good prices, easy access, quick delivery, in a wide variety and quantity. Please, visit our premises in Maryland or any of our verified distributors in your vicinity.

Our pool coping stones are inherently sturdy, durable, water and stain-resistant, and wear & tear resistant for exterior as well as a swimming pool like wet-prone areas. You can also expect to receive complete guidance for the selection, installation, and maintenance of pool coping stones from our passionate stone