For outdoor paving, the selection of material is always a challenge. When we weigh the pros and cons of each material, we tend to get confused. Sometimes we want the best of both materials in the comparison game. In this case scenario, GeoCeramica is the clear winner.

GeoCeramica is nothing but a hybrid concept of two superior contemporary paving materials – ‘Porcelain’ tiles and ‘Concrete-Cement’ blocks. World of Stones USA has created this hybrid paving solution by combining the best of both worlds.

GeoCeramica paver has the following advantages:

  • You get tons of different styles
  • You get various ranges of colors, shades, and tones
  • You get a variety of textures to mimic natural stones, wood, and other materials
  • It is a sturdy material to bear heavy loads
  • It is long-lasting in nature and durable in all weather conditions
  • It has slip-resistant properties
  • It is easy to clean and is stain proof
  • GeoCeramica needs less sealing frequency in comparison to pure natural stones. So, it is cost-effective at maintenance.

GeoCeramica has a concrete (Stabikorn) slab as the base. It is a revolutionary material in itself. If porcelain is fragile tile on the top, beneath is a strong & load-bearing layer of Stabikorn. It creates a  percolating layer capable of draining the water from top to down easily.

The most important benefit is the low-processing costs of a concrete slab (Stabikorn). The porcelain top layer is almost inseparable, as it connects to the Stabikorn® layer using special AquaFerm paste & integrated spacers.

Thus, GeoCeramica proves the most sought-after solution for every stakeholder in the construction project. The most attractive thing in GeoCeramica paving is unbeatable strength. It allows homeowners and property owners to create driveways for both personal and commercial use. GeoCeramica pavers can bear a load of a truck filled with heavy material because it has a strong paver base beneath to sustain that load.

Buy GeoCeramica pavers for your outdoor paving such as patio, walking path, and driveway. Porcelain offers maximum flexibility in use. GeoCeramica Pavers are a cost-effective and trendy outdoor paving solution for Natural Stone GeoCeramica Paving with GeoCeramica Patio PaversRead Less