Steps are the quickest and most viable way up or down garden slopes. Of course, modern engineering materials are smooth and uniform whereas natural stones in their natural state are rough, uneven yet classic-looking surfaces.

Unlike home stairs, garden steps should be a path that offers a slow yet safe journey while letting you enjoy the beauty of landscape design around you. Moreover, people always crave a classic look and experience while designing their homes- both indoors and outdoors. Natural stone steps in your garden naturally bestowed with seamless mixing with ferny woodland glens to a desert hillside ambiance are what people look for. 

Whole steps slabs from World of Stones USA offer superb utility along with natural and sophisticated look-n-feel. Your landscape designer will have adequate freedom to make the right selections of stone types, shapes, sizes, patterns, tones, finishes, and styles for their standards to innovative designs. So don’t wait and quickly install our natural stone slabs and experience its charm.

Sandstone step slabs are highly trendy in the dimension stone market. You can expect a range of hues and textures from us to gain maximum out of sandstone varieties we own. Limestone and Bluestone are the next choices for many to exactly complement their landscape design placing the stone steps.

Manual cutting, machine cut, and various advanced edge profiles are the way to enhance the overall look-n-feel of the stone step slabs. Bullnose, bevel, split-edge, pillowed, and chiseled edge profiles are our premier services in a custom order. We make stone step slabs slip-resistant by giving smoother finishes like honed and leather. 

If buying ‘’stone steps near me’’ are a concern for you, World of Stones USA is a place to buy natural stone steps of superior quality at a premium rate.  If so, please explore our stone steps collection.