While soft lawns have their place in your landscape, at least part of the landscape should have hard surfaces. It makes moving around easy. Such hardscape also lets you create dining and sitting pockets for your outdoor living.

The time-worn look is always charming, addictive, and rank aesthetically high when homeowners and contractors strive for old-world charm under their feet (paving). The excellent starting point for making the right selection for paving is tumbled pavers. By definition, the Tumbled Pavers are natural stone pavers, which have acquired tumbled finish treatment to gain aged looks and anti-skid (Coarse) texture on the surfaces.

If you breathe European chateau or Italian villa in your imagination while searching for your outdoor tumbled paving solution, the Tumbled Stone Pavers made by World of Stones USA are ideal candidates for the same. In fact, the tumbling process even turns fresh stones into looking age-old stones. Thus, rough surfaces, weathered corners, and aged appearance due to tumbling can turn your new stone pavers into century-old treasure laid in & out of your buildings.

Of course, tumbling is a rigorous surface treatment process in the dimension stone industry. Only a few selected types of stone species can bear it. So, we make a selection of natural rock types accordingly. For instance, sandstone, quartzite, and granite stones. Eventually, you will have sturdy, durable, and weatherproof floors. With our tumbled stone pavers, you can easily ignore extremities of heat, cold, and rain in any outdoor area across the different regions of the world. 

So, we prefer applications of our tumble bluestone pavers & tumbled block paving on and around the swimming pool decks, backyard or garden patios, terraces, outdoor walkways, & driveways. 

It becomes a safe and secure walking experience, thanks to its rough surfaces. Tumbled paving is capable of inviting a rustic look to your landscape.

We offer a range of different colors and natural patterns made by grains, veins, and fissures present in the mass of original natural rocks. 

In fact, the tumbling process augments the in-built natural beauty further. Perhaps, it is only the reason that tumbled pavers were found in ancient buildings to modern building designs. 

Tumbles paving bring glory in your yards when laid on your patios, decks, and even paths where you prefer to walk