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Sunset Buff


Sunset Buff Stepping Stones are natural stones. Therefore, they are durable, weatherproof and stain proof....
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  • Sunset Buff Stepping Stones are natural stones. Therefore, they are durable, weatherproof and stain proof.
  • Sunset Buff, as its name suggests represents the scenario of sunset through its yellowish-brown shades and tone.
  • The surface finishes are anti-slip and allow safe walking in wet conditions without any fear of falling.
  • They are hard-wearing natural stones that exhibit consistency in both texture and color.

Natural stone Stepping Stones Inventory at World of Stones USA contains different shades with unique properties & characteristics.

Surface Finish - Natural

Edge Finish Hand Split

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Installation Guide

Installing river stones requires a clear space free of weeds and brush. Tear up the weeds, plants, and flowers to create a clear area, and make sure there are no roots left so they can't grow beneath the pebbles. 

You might need to cement the stones depending on the pattern you choose for your pebbles. You might wish to apply cement in locations where people will frequently walk over the pebbles to ensure they don't become detached from the route.

When making the cement mixture, combine sand and cement in a 4:1 ratio. The texture ought to ideally resemble breadcrumbs.

Onto the route, pour the cement. Pebbles should be added to the path. Avoid using too much cement since it will obstruct your pebble route. Figure out how much cement and stones you'll need.

If installing it in your outdoors and gardens, ensure good drainage so rainwater won't collect.


Size available: 1" x 2.5"

Finish Type: Polished

No. of items per bag: 50 bags (40 lbs each)

Application Areas: 

  • Gardens
  • Walkways/ Pathways
  • Wall Decor
  • Front yard and Backyard Designs
  • Outdoor Living Space